Roy Einar Dreng & Friends​

The new album AWARENESS is available on digital platforms

The new album „AWARENESS” is available on digital platforms like Spotify, Tidal etc.

There will a lot more information on the album after New Year presenting photographs, musician and everyone involved.

Vinyl, CD and an Artbook will also be available through February .

In the meantime enjoy the digital version of the album.

Big thanks for:

Manager: Ewa Borowiec


Leiv Inge Kvilhaug

Ronnie Gerrard

Tor Arne Hansen

Ole Jørn Johanssen

Oddvar Myklebust

Platlin Mastering


Marie Indrelid Windsvold /front, back cover/

Roger Neumann /inside cover/


Elektro A. Sjølyst A.S

Nordic Seal A.S and Lars Petter Kristiansen

Prostage for sponsoring Lewitt microphones during the live session in Vestfold Lydstudio.

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